16 September 2019

Chinese Postcrossing Postcards

Postcard sent by Rouris, featuring the beautiful city of Wuyuan.

This postcard was actually sent from Penang, in Malaysia. It is a creation of the sender, Kang Wei, and shows a Chinese tradition, explained in the back:
On the ninth day of Chinese New Year is the Birthday of the Jade Emperor, so we usually set up offering table for him the night before, using  a pair of sugar cane to tie on the sides of the table.


  1. As you might have guessed: I love that illustration by Kang Wei!
    Because of the drawing style, and of course the large amount of turquoise colour :-)

    1. It is a beautiful drawing. I love the simple lines that bring so much information. Of course, I love also the colour and knowing about the tradition!

      Postcrossing is a wonderful way of travelling and learning!

  2. That drawing is stunning - it feels modern and traditional at the same time.


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