12 September 2019

Secret Canterbury

Some monuments in Canterbury (Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church) are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides that, it is a very beautiful city, and I am always happy to get more postcards from there!

Spring and Autumn
(Pictures by the sender)

Cathedral Cloisters
Watercolour by John C. Burrows

St Martin's Church made from Roman bricks was the Queen Bertha's chapel before the arrival of St Augustine in AD 597. It was here that Augustine's mission developed with the founding of the cathedral and abbey. St Martin's is the cathedral mother church and the oldest parish church in the English speaking world.

Greyfriars Guest House


  1. Technically, I think it is the oldest English parish church that has been in continuous use as such.

    1. They forgot that detail on the back of the postcard :)

  2. I agree, although it is a very long time since I was there.


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