27 September 2019

Nearly Reading Women

Since my friends know that I love postcards of reading women, they ses reading women everywhere. 

For instance, this young lady, who is actually considering whether she should read or not:

Margaret Gilmore, c. 1845
Erastus Salisbury Field

Or this self-portrait of Frida Kahlo, in which she is painting from her image in the mirror:

Self-Portrait with Unbound Hair, 1947
Frida Kahlo

Does singing from a hymn book count as reading?
In Full Voice (Singing His Praise)
By Richard Sargent
Cover for The Saturday Evening Post,
March 7, 1959

Postcards sent by Bryon (the USA) and John (the UK).


  1. All count and I love them, too!

    The first card makes me think - by the way she is watching - of a teenage child who has to go to school (with even more books - in her schoolbag, too many to hold in her hand) but who is prefering to think of other, non-school things :-)

    The 3rd card, singing loud, could be me when no one is watching (be it that my BMI is a lot higher and I think I would wear turquoise and black clothes instead of red/pink/yellow (we had a concert of our Brazilian-songs-singing in a church we hired for that day, so that could explain the location).

    1. Bryon, who sent me the first postcard, wrote more or less the same concerning the girl :)

      I hope you also sing loud when in your singing group!

  2. Like I wrote recently, your collection must be huge now.


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