25 September 2019

Just Colouring

I haven't been drawing a lot lately, but I have still enjoyed colouring some of Naomi's templates. I used colouring pencils, because I an not sure that my printer's ink is waterproof. So, I didn't dare to use watercolours.

I love these designs... even if there isn't a lot of room for stamps!

I sent these to Bryon (the USA), Heleen (the Netherlands) and Rosemary (Canada). Do you like them?

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  1. Sure I like them! Thank you very much for the horses!

    And what a fun tomato :-) I once saw square pumpkins (on a photo), shaped that way because they grew in square boxes. Would heart-shaped tomatoes really exist, or would they only exist in a photo-shopped way?

    1. Near home, we have a curious little shop that sell only tomatoes (in the summer). They have all kind of tomates. Tomatoes of different colours, from white to deep green and of different shapes, even heart-shaped. But I've never tasted those! :D

    2. Wow, a special shop, must be fun and interesting to see!

    3. You can see a couple of pictures here, and here the varieties they ofer (although that changes sometimes).

      Or you can come visit us and see by yourself :D

    4. Very interesting, and amazing to see the milk white tomatoes!

      Visiting, who knows, one day... First I have a couple of postcards who need to visit you soon :-)

  2. And the gorgeous one at the top of the blog just arrived. An incredible work of art Eva!

  3. Fantastic swan. And the horses almost seem to have been drawn in the style of Heleen :)


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