21 October 2019

150 Years of Postcards

On October 1st, postcards celebrate their 150th anniversary (you can read more about this here). Some postcrossers and postcards lovers around the world celebrated it in different manners. For instance, there were, according with Postcrossing:
  • 58 meetups
  • 11 postcard exhibitions
  • 8 special cancellation marks
  • 8 workshops
  • 6 seminars
  • 4 commemorative postcards issued by post offices
  • 3 guided tours
  • 2 postage stamps
I didn't participate other than sending postcards. And I have also received two postcards from the meetup in Amsterdam, and the Joint Meetup Netherlands-China. What a cool idea!

On the back, along with a cool map, you can read:
Windmills, a well-known symbol of The Netherlands, is written as '风车' and pronounced as 'Fengche' in Mandarin. It can also represent pinwheels in Chinese culture, which recall us back to our childhood, in the cheerful beginning of Autumn.with six hours time difference, members from UCPC Beijing (China) and Amsterdam (The Nethelands) will celbrate the #150yearsofpostcards event together on Oct 1st 2019.
The postcards are signed by A LOT of people, and sent by Heleen. She added Postcrossing postage stamps :D


  1. Happy anniversary!
    By the way, my neighbour (that is, my temporary neighbour at the meeting) had found out on wikipedia that the postcard is older than 150 years... :-)

    1. I think it depends on what we consider a postcard. But anyway: it's nice to celebrate a birthday!

  2. Amazing that people have been sending postcards for this long.


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