08 October 2019

HitM | Smurfhouse

No collection of houses would be complete without a Smurfhouse! Heleen (the Netherlands) painted this one on the back of a Smurfs packaging. 

Also, you can read the name of the Smurfs in different languages: 
-English: The Smurfs
-French: Les Schtroumpfs
-Spanish: Los Pitufos
-German: Die Schlümpfe
-Dutch: De Smurfen
-Portuguese: Os Smurfs
-Italian: I Puffi

In my language, Catalan, they are Els Barrufets (although when I was a child I had to read the comics in Spanish).

The Smurfhouse arrived inside of a plastic bag, protecting it. So the letter it contained inside a concealed pouch arrived safe and sound!


  1. The variety of the made up name smurfs fascinates me. I don't know much about them, but remember that they were everywhere when I lived in Holland in 1979.

    1. They indeed were popular then. Some years before 1979 the smurf puppets were a free gadget at BP tank stations (so, as a child, we 'forced' our parents to have the car drive to the BP gaz/petrol station instead of a tank station closer by) and this way my brother and I got 4 smurfs. When I was old enough to realize that BP is British Petrol I guessed they came from Britain, but in fact they come from Belgium (while the '70ies puppets were made in Hong Kong, China and Germany)

    2. As a child, I thought they lived in Germany :)

  2. How nice that it arrived in a plastic bag! I've sent it naked, put it into the mailbox without any cover (apart from the small letter cover), so somewhere during the house's journey some postal worker must have added the cover!

    1. Yes :D
      Sorry that I didn't take a picture with the plastic bag.

  3. What a fun piece of mail. I do find it fascinating that the name is so different in so many languages.


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