20 October 2019

Sunday Stamps | Mooi Nederland

Today's theme on Sunday Stamps is Towers, tall buildings. I was tempted to show lighthouses (my favourite theme ever!), but I decided to go for something different instead.

The series Mooi Nederland (='Beautiful Netherlands') started in 2005. It shows different places of the country, drawing attention to local history, cultural wealth and scenic beauty. The sheets are incredibly detailed! 

I have received some of them (thanks to Heleen!). I have noticed that, usually, they include a tower or tall building... among many other details not always easy to decipher for the foreigner. Anyway, these stamps are both beautiful and entertaining. 

Woudrichem, 2006

Sittard, 2006

Deventer, 2006

Zwolle, 2006

Utrecht, 2007

Groningen, 2007

Enschede, 2011


  1. They are right - this is a mooi series. And well worth having the souvenir sheet for all the extra details!
    don't worry, we will likely have lighthouses at least 2x before this series is over as that is also my favourite - next to birds :)

  2. I love the Stittard one with the tuba (and the sheet). What an attractive series. Yes they like their towers in the Netherlands, I guess its the only way to get above sea level.

    1. I hadn't thought of that...

    2. I think Joy is right :-)
      Although Sittard - located in the south east province Limburg - is clearly above sea level. In Limburg there is the highest mountain of the Netherlands: a 300 meters high hill :D

  3. By the way, I never had noticed before that all stamps show towers!

    1. Neither I!
      I think I've got more from that series, but I had already uploaded it to the blog.

  4. Sittard and Deventer are the ones that caught my eye. Great selection.

  5. Such a great series - and you have received so many!


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