30 October 2019

... And Picassian Muppets

Bryon (the USA) has sent the whole series of the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street stamps. As a little thank you, I sent him a watercolour postcard with two of my favourite characters, Picasso-inspired (or Internet-inspired).


  1. And your card was an absolute masterpiece!!!! Loved it!

  2. I agree, a masterpiece! I love parodies on wellknown paintings/painters and I've never seen Ernie and Bert this way :-) And I never ever had thought of them being pictured other than 'usual'. To be short: I love your artwork!

    1. I must say that this is not my original idea. I saw it on the Internet (several times; I don't know who painted it first), and it inspired me. It was fun to paint it :)


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