22 February 2020

Carnival & New Year

Sent by Ela (Poland) through the Postcrossing site, this postcard features a poster by Ryszard Kaja, Ryszard Kaja, one of Poland's best selling and prolific contemporary poster designers.

This is what the sender wrote in the back:
“The poster presents a folk custom. During the carnival young people dress up and wander from house to house giving New Year wishes. They get various gifts for this, usually sweets or money.”
I am a bit confused abut the "New Year wishes" part.

And more New Year wishes, from Phillip (the USA):

This sending took a bit longer that usual to arrive. It was written on 18 January, postmarked on 23 January, and landed on 11 February.


  1. I love the art on that Polish postcard.

    And I am surprised the year of the rat envelope and card took so long. I think the one I sent to Greece was faster, which is very unusual.

    At least the stamps had a normal postmark - I sent several of these and at least two got the dreaded sharpie treatment.

    1. I prefer it arrived later but without the sharpie ugliness!

    2. So weird, I sent several like this at the same time, and some received the sharpie and some didn't.


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