24 June 2018

Women on Stamps | Suffrage

There are a lot of stamps dedicated to the women's right to vote. Even issued in my country, but I don't have any of them (I think).

However, I received recently this one, issued in 1970 by the USPS to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that guaranteed American women the right to vote, ratified in 1920.

On 15 February 2018, Royal mail brought out a 8-stamps set to celebrate the centenary of the vote for women, being granted in February 1918. The stamps reflect and commemorate the movements behind the fight for the vote for women as a whole. You can see all the stamps here. I have got three of them:

Suffragette Prisoners’ Pageant, 1911
The ‘Prisoners’ Pageant’ was a striking element of the suffrage ‘Coronation Procession’ in 1911. Seven hundred women participated, representing the number of suffragettes who had been jailed. Dressed in white, they carried silver lances from which pennants were flown. The ‘From Prison to Citizenship’ banner symbolised their determination.

Leigh and New Released from Prison, 1908
WSPU members Mary Leigh and Edith New were freed from Holloway Prison in London on 22nd August 1908 and were presented with purple, white and green bouquets. Imprisoned for throwing stones at 10 Downing Street, they were the first suffragettes to demonstrate what Emmeline Pankhurst called ‘the argument of the broken window pane’.

Welsh Suffragettes, Coronation Procession, 1911
For the suffrage ‘Coronation Procession’, which took place in the London on 17th June 1911, Welsh suffragettes and suffragists put aside political differences to march together, each carrying a red Welsh-dragon standard. Many had made their own costumes; some using purple, white and green material, which were topped by the traditional Welsh hat.


For the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards, related to one topic: women. This is the post for the letter S.

More women on stamps.


  1. I hadn't seen these from GB before as we rarely get letters with stamps anymore.

    1. My friends always try to find the best stamps, it's a pleasure!

  2. Great theme! In NL the women's right to vote was even later, 1919 or 1918. I should look it up (later, changing websites on my smartphone is a little hard..) - In fact I should know immediately as my hero from that time, Aletta Jacobs, was one of the pioneers in Dutch suffrage.

    I think I have a Dutch matching stamp as well, and as soon as I'll have fou d it I will send it of course :-)

    1. In Spain it wasn't until the II Republic, in 1931. They voted for the first time in 1933. But soon democracy was over because of the war... :)

      I think it is a great theme for stamps. It makes me sad to read so many bad news related to women these days.

  3. I like the campaigners and the voter on the USA stamp. Nice composition.

  4. This is the perfect issue for your A-Z theme.


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