26 June 2018


There isn't too much to show here because, obviously, I don't want to display Philippe's address. I think it isn't evident from the picture, but it took a lot of time to draw and paint the letters using watercolours...

And about the stamps, they belong to the philatelic series 12 Months, 12 Stamps, 12 Provinces. Correos issues stamps dedicated to every province (there are 48 in Spain, plus 2 autonomous cities). During the month of the issue, that stamp is used as the only type of postage for all post-office shipments sent from of the featured province.

The design of every stamp is based on the old license plates once used for vehicles in Spain. Inside the letters, you can see typical things of every region, like flora, fauna, food, inventions, architecture...

And I can help but tell you about a funny story. On the stamp dedicated to the province of León, you are supposed to see the cathedral of the capital of the province: León. But, during the official presentation of the stamp, a women from the audience said that she didn't recognise the cathedral depicted, but certainly it wasn't the cathedral of León.

After a short discussion, they discovered that it was the cathedral of the capital of a different province: Burgos. The stamp was already being used. So, they decided to issue a new stamp, with the right cathedral.


  1. That is a funny story!
    And how nice that they issued a new stamp!

    1. I can imagine the face of the president of Correos during the presentation... :DDD

  2. Très belle ensemble et cette série de timbres est originale !Je viens de lire un article de Xavier de Jarcy dans télérama sur la graphiste Marion Bataille (www.marionbataille.com)qui a crée un abécédaire sous forme de leporello (livre accordéon),soit 26 cartes postales rétro qui prennent leur sens quand on les regarde de travers par exemple un pont géant devient un A ,un exercice plein d'humour et de caractère(s).


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