26 June 2013

Eierland Lighthouse

Sent by Nicole (Germany).

The first time I received this lighthouse in a postcard without any name, I though it is located in Germany. Now I know Eierland lighthouse is on the northernmost tip of the Dutch island of Texel. Because I received more versions.

From Paula (the Netherlands):

And Heleen (the Netherlands):

Update (28/06/2013): As Heleen noticed (see comments of this post) the lighthouse below is not Eierland but Vuurduin. Sorry for confusing you, I was confused myself!

I have never been to Eierland (nor to the Netherlands, by the way). But somehow this one is still one of my favourites. Maybe due to its colour? 

I do not mind to get more postcards of this elegant red lighthouse!


  1. I had never really thought much about lighthouses until it was the theme for Sunday stamps a few weeks ago, but since then I am seeing lighthouses 'everywhere', on postcards or photos, I even heard someone in a flea market asking about vintage postcards of lighthouses. It's funny really.
    I like the postcard with all the lighthouses on.

    1. My passion isn't about lighthouses on postcards or stamps, but about lighthouses "in situ". I usually organise my trips in order to see/visit lighthouses...

      I'm glad of hearing that you're starting to live lighthouses as well :)

  2. How nice to see the lighthouses here, thank you for sharing!

    By the way, I was wondering: isn't the lighthouse on the Donald Duck postcard the 'Vuurduin' on the Wadden Island Vlieland (I think when I see these pictures, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lighthouses_in_the_Netherlands)?
    Because even though the Wadden Islands are named 'Frisian Islands' in English, the island of Texel is in the province Noord-Holland. While Vlieland is part of the province of Friesland (Fryslân in Frisian language, Friesland in Dutch), and this postcard is issued as a tribute to this province Fryslân.

    1. p.s. Anyhow, I love to see all these red lighthouses together!
      (Did I say red, did you say "Maybe due to its colour?"?!? - they are not orange!...)

    2. You're right, I was confused. Oh, and I call myself an expert in lighthouselogy? :P
      I'm going to update the post.

      And about orange and red... Well, it's not on orange alone that a woman shall live! And you know how it's difficult to find an orange lighthouse. I've seen only one of those so far: at home/your blog!

      I like lighthouses in color. But I must confess that some lighthouse look different when you see up close. They may disappoint the lighthouse lover, depending on how many years have passed since last painting :)


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