03 June 2013


Sent by Postmuse (the USA). It contained a postcard that I have recently adopted.

Do you realise the problem with glitter? It is not if you like it. The problem is that it does love you, whether you want or not. And it loves your table, your shirt, your hands, even your face for days and days... Anyway, I still think this handmade envelope is gorgeous, and it made my day!


  1. I've never regarded it that way - 'the problem is that the glitter loves us all, our tables, clothes, everything'...
    Great observation, true theory, thank you, Eva!

  2. I love glitter, but it does get everywhere ... and I actually sprayed that envelope with a sealer that is supposed to keep the glitter in place. I was suspicious about that claim and now I know it was false ... just keeps it in place for a little bit ... until it is completely dry and flies halfway around the world!

    1. I think it kept it in place more than usual. But anyway... glitter is glitter and glitter loves us! Thank you again for the envelope. I hope you receive the moose soon ;)

  3. Very beautiful envelope. Yes, glitter is an issue! :D

  4. I'm wondering how many post office workers got the glitter on them. :P


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