18 June 2013

Oranje-turkooise vuurtorens

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Wonderful drawn, painted, knitted and stitched postcard. I must admit I was wrong when I told Heleen that this lighthouse (I mean with orange and turquoise stripes) did not exist. Well, it did not exist at that time, but due to a transitory lack of imagination. I did not count on people making up original lighthouses, for themselves or for their lucky friends.

The lighthouse hangs on the wall, but it means I will be able to see only one of both sides... What a pity!

Heleen published the work in her blog so you can see she posted the lighthouse in a matched mail box (I have "matched stamps", but I have not "matched mail box" among the tags of the blog...). I am still waiting for the snail; (s)he has not arrived yet.


  1. Thank you for posting, Hawwa! I am happy to read the lighthouse arrived well and that you like it!
    Regarding seeing just one side: on top of the red/white lighthouse there's a piece of rope in a loop. You can use this loop (orange coloured!) to hang the card on the wall, and by hanging it this way, you should be able to reverse the card as much as you want :-)

    1. This is an idea (but I was thinking in a frame... Well, I'll let you know!).

      I also posted the lighthouse in IUOMA (http://iuoma-network.ning.com/photo/oranje-turkooise-vuurtorens), and I received an alarming comment (?!?).

      Sometimes I schedule the posts, and I've just realised that you appears SO often in the blog... :D


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