29 June 2013

Lighthouses of Croatia

In the last years I have been the chance of travelling a lot (I am even living abroad!). Since I am a postcrosser, the postcards I got inspire me when it comes to choose the destination. It happened with the first postcard: it arrived trough Postcrossing and gave us the idea of visiting this country. The second card arrived few days before the trip, when we have all the tickets booked. What a coincidence!

It was some years ago, but I had not uploaded this amazing lighthouses yet. I keep very good memories of this trip! And of course I took a lot of pictures and bought a lot of postcards of lighthouses...

Sent by Roberto and Borivoj (Croatia).


  1. What a beautiful postcards! Such an idyllic lighthouse islands!
    I am wondering: wouldn't the islands change or even suffer by the tide?

    1. In the Mediterranean Sea tides aren't so important. In some places (as my birthplace) you even don't notice tides, except twice or three times par year.

  2. I love lighthouses! I wish we can do another swap and you can send me a lighthouse postcard from your place. :)

    Btw, the entry for Sunday Stamps inspired by your last week's post is up on my page:


  3. The first one is really nice :-)


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