25 June 2013

I Wanna Make You Happy...

I wanna make you happy
I wanna make you feel alive...

And now this song for our friend...

Sent to Micu (Hungary).

Postcard and envelope made of press cuttings (magazine for children) and reused cardboard. I was glad to find more or less matched stamps. I made this collage for Micu as a thank you for her project (Mail a Smile). And I chose the monkey because she had told me she likes his twin.


  1. Thank you very much Eva, it did make me VERY happy:))

  2. The monkey looks familiar, didn't you post it before too? :-) By the way, very very nice.

  3. And did you get my postcard already? :-) It seems like it's taking ages!

    1. Not yet :(
      I hope it's arriving soon. I'll let you know.


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