06 November 2013

More and More Lighthouses!

The lighthouses I have received lately (well, I am a little behind in posting lighthouses!). Postcards and stamps:

Sent by Agata (Croatia). Sušac lighthouse.

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Sent by Bree (Malaysia).

Sent by Chi (Taiwan). The postcards shows Dongyin lighthouse (in Lienchiang). It arrived with the following stamps that show Cilaibi (Hualien) at left and Dongji Yu (in Penghu) at right.

Sent by John (the UK). New Brighton lighthouse in England. I had the chance to visit this place in 2012. But the tide was low, so it looked completely different!

Sent by Laura (the UK). Dungeness lighthouse (England).

Sent by Postmuse (the USA). New London Harbor (Connecticut).


  1. I like that painting of Dongyin lighthouse.

    New Brighton lighthouse is only a few miles away but I've only ever seen it at low tide. When the water is like that I am at home in front of the fire reading a book!!


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