24 November 2013


The theme for this week in Viridian's Postcard Blog is Singers. Not easy!

In this stamp you can see Hermínia Silva (1907-1993) a Portuguese Fado singer. It belongs to an interesting series, but I'm afraid I have just received this one.

This stamp from the United Kingdom was launched on 24th February 2011. It belongs to a series dedicated to famous musicals.

And the third stamp, from the Netherlands... Well, I'm not sure if (s)he is really famous, but I don't doubt (s)he is a good singer!


  1. A wonderful selection of stamps, quite a difficult theme to find.

  2. Hurrah, more on Fado! that is an interesting stamp. Thank you for joining in this week.

  3. I like that they included the Portuguese guitar on the Fado stamps.

  4. Thank you for again attracting our (er, my) attention to Sunday Stamps, Eva! Such beautiful stamps, and especially the design of the fado stamp, the combination of singer and Portuguese guitarra, I like a lot.
    Sunday Stamps... I love the idea to share stamps of a certain theme (a kind of 'crowd collecting':-) ). And I love music - among a lot of other subjects as you know :-) - so this Sunday's theme sounded like music to me, and I've enjoyed all contributions a lot!

    1. Didn't you know about Sunday Stamps? I find it funny, though I don't participate every Sunday. Sometimes due to lack of stamps, sometimes due to lack of time to look for them. It's a good occasion to visit some wonderful blogs and learn about stamps (and the world in general!). I'm glad that you enjoyed this week. When I saw the theme I thought of you! :D

    2. Yes, I knew about it, thanks to your MailAdventures! However, until now, I just was enjoying to read and see your blog posts about it, on the Sundays that you found suitable stamps.
      But your thoughts of me have helped a lot (as did of course the theme): I awoke, and I really like to participate, to share and to enjoy and learn by all shared stamps from and about the world! :-)

  5. I never knew about those GB stamps on musicals. Thanks for including them.
    My goldfinch seemed like a good item to include.


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