16 November 2013

Moroccan Series

I started to make all these collages on Moroccan themes last July. I felt the need of explain that Morocco does not mean just camels (nothing against camels, don't misunderstand me!).

I am happy with the result, and I hope the receivers (and you!) do.

صور لمغرب يتحرك
(Portraits of a moving Morocco)

Sent to Karin (Sweden).
The picture of the working girl belongs to the exhibition Retratos de un Marruecos en marcha (='Portraits of a moving Morocco') by Moroccan photographer Hassam Nadim. Also published here.

('Enjoy. You are in Tangier')

Sent to Lilli (Canada).
Tangier is 60 km far from my home, but sometimes it seems to be a different world. This picture was cut from a magazine, and I love it because of the colours and the sea. And because one of my favourite places in Tangier is a restaurant from which you can enjoy, more or less, this view.

Three Moroccos

Sent to Ilse (Germany).
The area where I live in is so green that my friends can't believe when I send them pictures. All colours in Morocco are intense. But still: blue and brown are the colours of Morocco.

La grande mosquée
('The great mosque')

Sent to Roberto (Italy).
This is a picture (oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm) by Moroccan artist Abdeuchafi Ahriz (1956 - 2006). You necessarily go along this street when you visit the old town of Tangier.

Éloge de la lenteur
(Praise of slowness)

Sent to Katerina (Greece).
This picture and its titre were cut from the brochure of a book fair. I like the slogan, because I doubt there is a place where slowness is so appreciated as in this country.

Sent to Eva (Germany).
This one was sent as birthday card, to a pal who loves tea and mail (and cupcakes, I hope!).

Le Petit Socco

Sent to the mail project Blue Postcards (Spain). You still can participate, until December 31st!

(Materials: reused cardboard from boxes of biscuits; a catalogue of an art auction; brochures of two exhibitions and a book fair; brochures of Slow Food Morocco; a holidays catalogue; a magazine; stickers; a post label and washi tape.)


Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.