09 November 2013

Manila Paper

As you might noticed, lately I use a lot this kind of envelopes, made of Manila paper. I find this paper simple but beautiful, easy to decorate and also related to sort of old-fashioned mail. But I have never realized there are slight differences in the colour (maybe you cannot perceive it; my picture is not very good, sorry!).

I smiled when I read in the Wikipedia: "Because this paper is generally inexpensive, it is commonly given to children for making child art".


  1. Long may we all remain children!

    1. I think we are in the right way.

  2. In the UK, though, manila envelopes are often used for business correspondence, probably because they are less expensive. I tend to associate them with work or hospital letters, for instance.
    It is nice that Hawwa "revamps" them in this creative way.


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