30 November 2013


Postifier is a Bluetooth device designed "to provide the solution to those pointless frustrating walks to your postbox and back empty handed". How does it works? Well, it is in your mail box and it just send you a notification in your smartphone when you get mail. Do you think it would be useful? They suggest that it is perfect for these situations (the last one is my favourite!):
  • For the elderly and those with mobility impairment
  • Long driveaways
  • Retrieve and secure credit card, bank and retirement statements before they get into the wrong hands.
  • Extreme temperature or just pure laziness.
I am not sure that it would work for me, as I use a post office box. I am afraid it would look suspicious inside! Anyway, this is still a project asking for funds to be implement through a crowdfunding campaign. It seen at this stage they won't reach the funding goal, it's just six days left. What a pity!


  1. It would be veey helpful to have one at work. My mail box is in another building and I normally do not receive anything there, so my walks to the mail box are disapointing. I have already asked some of my fiends from work that they leave notes in my mail box. :)

    1. And have it worked? I can leave a note for you if you want... :D

  2. It has worken ^^ Now it's funnier. I wish you could!


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