28 November 2013

My Other Postcard Is a Letter

Sent by Laura (the UK), as well as the other postcard in this post.

I cannot understand when people say: "I have no time to write a postcard". I mean, I understand that you do not have the time to write A LOT of postcards or to participate in sites like Postcrossing. If you suffer of lack of spare time, I find normal that you do not devote it to completely unknown people but to your devote ones.

I also can understand you do not have time to write a long letter. A letter requires calm and time. And, in my opinion, a letter requires to be a pleasure and never a duty.

But you do not have time to drop a note when something important is happening to a friend? Come on, writing a postcard does not take more than five minutes, and you can buy stamps in every corner. Not a special postcard, not a strange stamp. Just normal things whose meaning is: "I love you so I have always five minutes for you".

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