02 October 2016

Birds on a Stamp

Birds are a common theme for stamps in different countries. This one arrived a couple of weeks ago on a postcard (a bit damaged, alas), and it caught my eye immediately. I was issued on 7 October 1982, honouring Francis of Assisi, saint patron of animals and environment. See here the FDC.

More eye-catching birds. These stamps are called Colourful Celebrations. They are included on a sheet featuring digital designs of shapes, flowers and birds. The Mexican technique of papel picado ('pierced paper'), used in all kind of celebrations, is the inspiration. More information here.

More birds on stamps: Sunday Stamps-II.


  1. I haven't seen the St Francis stamp before - a great stamp for today.

    1. Many thanks for adding my link :)

  2. Interesting stamps, the four of them!

  3. St Francis talking to the birds is a sweet stamp.

  4. The St Francis stamp is new to me as well. Very appropriate.

  5. Thanks for your comments! I'm not very fond of saints and religious matters, but I really love the design of the stamp. The stamps of papel picado look nicer in person, sure.


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