14 October 2016

Postcards for a Classroom

The class 8R (10-12 years old) of a primary school in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands) has started a simple but ambitious postal project:
We're trying to receive a postcard from each country (+ US states) in the world! Will you help?
I was glad to contribute with some postcards (inside the envelope of the picture). If you would like to do so, this is the address:

OBS De Twee Wieken

t.a.v. groep 8

Roerdompstraat 3
3334 AG Zwijndrecht

(You can contact first via their Twitter or their Facebook page.)


  1. Hi Eva, What a neat project for the class in Zwijndrecht! I will try to send them a card or two! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. Hope to see you again on Maria's Postcards for the Weekend!

    1. Hello, John. I'm glad that you like the project! I receive a lot of requests since I live in Morocco. I cannot answer all of them. But I love to contribute this kind of projects with kids. Where are you writing from?

      Yes, I'm going to publish something tomorrow for Maria's linky.

  2. So nice!
    I recently saw a project of a primary school in France, to which I've sebt a postcard (am not sure if a card from me from NL would add much to the school in Zwijndrecht... Or would it?!)

    1. I don't know. But as far as the Netherlands is a country of the world... I'm going to ask them on Twitter!


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