28 October 2016

The Umbrella Girl

Phillip (USA) sent to me this nice postcard of the Umbrella Girl. There is a kind of legend behind her:
The original Umbrella Girl was placed in German's Village's Schiller Park in 1872, only to disappear mysteriously in the mid 1950's. Renowned Columbus artist Joan Wobst sculpted the replacement and donated her to the German Village Society in 1966. Placed in the Grace Highfield Garden, the charming young girl enchants all who stop by.
I have never seen her in person. But thanks to the postcard, I also realised that umbrellas are very common on postcards. I found some in my collection. For instance:

Sent by Gabriela (Germany)

But, of course, umbrellas are not only for the rain...

Sent by Laura (Spain)
Ladies fearing the sun in vintage Burgos.

Sentby zhang (China)
Mr. Tomo... Do you have any information about this guy?

The sea air it does well. It's unfortunate that you must eat.
Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

And umbrellas can be very useful too when it is raining... err... delicatessen?

This is another post for Maria's linky partyPostcards for the weekend. The theme this week is Anything you wish. I wish it was raining right now.

Update 16/07/2019. Pstcard sent by Fabienne (France).


  1. You know, I did;t even notice the Katzinger's card had an umbrella on...

  2. The original umbrella girl as part of a fountain is a neat idea. I suppose the current one has to wait for a rain cloud but still an unusual statue I rather like.

    1. I've got more pictures, and I think it's very nice.

    2. Joy, if you enlarge the picture of the current statue you'll see there is water running off the umbrella - just not as obvious as in the original.

  3. Hi Eva, in the Philippines we always carry an umbrella both for rain & sunshine. I thought this is the same anywhere else but for the past 4-5 years of inter-continental traveling, I realized it's not necessarily true. Thanks for linking and sharing your beautiful umbrella postcards.

    1. No... this is a very Asiatic thing! :D
      Thanks for coming.

  4. You have such an interesting collection. I enjoyed all these cards. The rain led to an excellent selection of cards for this week's link up. Thanks, Eva, for sharing.

  5. Oh, another "thing" to look out for in postcards! Enjoyed these, thanks.

    1. I had never thought of umbrellas as a theme until I received the Umbrella girl, actually.
      Thanks for your comment.


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