05 October 2016

Slower Than an E-mail

What do you do when you have a lot of things to tell someone, and you wish to do that in a nice way?

I think a letter book is a good idea. So I sent this one to Heleen (the Netherlands). I reused the packaging (it had contained some postcards bought online)...

And, actually, I also reused the notebook, because it had been given to me by... Heleen herself (like the first booklet I had sent her).

I wrote, drew, coloured, stuck and, in short, I had a very good time by doing these during some weeks!



  1. Your letter books are one of the most wonderful and impressive mail I ever received!
    Thank you so very much!
    And guess what, this letterbook I've carried almost all summer in my bag with me, because I wanted (and still am busy doing so) to reply to it by... an other letterbook :-)
    Now your book is getting some rest at home, as after the book came more beauties to reply to, but I still take my reply-letterbook to many places (waiting room at the dentisy, in bus or train) to continue replying. Still more than 8 pages to fill; I hope to send it to you before the end of this year :-)

    1. Oh, I'm blushing!
      It's a pleasure to make mail for you, really.
      And I'm happy that I have accompanied you to so many places :)


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