03 October 2016


This is an envelope made of the first page of a calendar that shows two years: the Islamic year and the Gregorian year, solar-based. This is the kind of double calendars people have at home in Morocco. But, actually, the Islamic year is used only for religious festivities.

I sent it to Phillip (the USA) when 2016 started. I had almost forgotten it, but today some people is celebrating the Islamic New Year (1438), so this is a good day to publish it!


  1. Happy 1438!

    Meanwhile in the other islamic calendar it is the year 1395 now (and 1396 will start 20 March 2017, at the same minute when spring will start).

    1. (and I happened to have posted something today for FinnBadger, for the year 4713..)

      Forgot to say that I think it a nice and pretty envelope, Eva!

    2. 4713? It seems that a New Year is starting every day somewhere on Earth!


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