17 October 2016


Tabarca is the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain, located in the Mediterranean Sea, close to the town of Santa Pola (Valencian Country). There are only 17 permanent inhabitants. 

I was there last summer, and I was told there wasn't any post office, just the yellow post box that you see on the picture. And I was also told that the post service operates every day. 

I sent five postcards from there (I didn't dare to send more!) on 13 July. At least two of them arrived, so I guess the rest did so. One of them was postmarked on 22 July and arrived in the Netherlands a week later (29 July). I am glad it arrived but... What does it mean every day?


  1. Mine arrived on 22nd (thank you) so it obviously travelled differently to the Netherlands one.

    1. Yours wasn't posted here, but in the mainland. I wasn't 100% sure that this mailbox worked, so I posted just four cards in it. I hope this doesn't disappoint you!


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