23 April 2019

Stop & Smell the Roses

Japanese roses sent by Maria.

English roses sent by Laura. Painting by Junko Iwata.

Letter #5 of Posted Letter (received long ago). To see the whole contents, go here.


  1. I had a Roses (and Book) card kept in my notebook since January, to send it to you in time...
    But it had to wait until THE day to be written and sent to you. I hope it will arrive in time for next year's Saint Jordi day!..

    For now: Happy Diada de Sant Jordi!

    1. One thousand thanks!
      I was travelling on Sant Jordi's Day, and I found it in my mailbox today, along with other nice mail from you. Let's think it arrived on time... ;)

  2. I always plan to remember this day and tradition, then every year your blog post shows up and I find that I forgot to remember again :)

    1. I need to remind it in advance next year! :D


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