13 June 2020

Delicious Postcards

Another Curious Feast postcards sent by Bryon...

Songs by Fats Waller, 2015
by Naz Şahin Özcan

I have got this postcard from China through the Postcrossing site. It reads: "A bite from China. Greetings from a country with delicacies." 

The sender uploaded a different picture to the Postcrossing page. It adds some information... But I still have no idea which food the postcard features!

For more delicious things, see inside this coffee shop sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)...

... Which you can drink in this delicate china sent by Laura (the UK)!


  1. I'm always a little disappointed when the sender doesn't translate what's on the card. German or Spanish is easy to google, but languages using a different alphabet is near impossible.

    1. I can do with Russian and Greek, using Google translate. Arabic, I know. But Chinese... that's impossible for me!


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