19 June 2020

Mail By Air (II)

Imperial Airways' Handley Page HP.42E airliners first entered into service in 1931. G-AAXF Helena is depicted flying over the pyramids in Egypt, on the Cairo-Gaza-Karachi sector, in 1933. During their eight years of service, the HP.42s carried an exceptional amount of mail.
I wrote a post about the Mail By Air Post & Go labels on 26 April. I never thought it would work as a sort of wishlist. But it did. A thoughtful penfriend took the trouble to order this very stamp for me and used it on his latest letter.   

How lucky am I?


  1. very lucky, indeed.
    what a cool stamp.

  2. I love the fact that someone sent this to you to complete your set.

    1. I remember this was your favourite because of the background.

    2. It is, and yours was minimally postmarked, so you get a nice view!


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