10 October 2022

I've Seen Better

Falls were not that fantastic
Yosemite National Park

I was a bit worried when I got this postcard from Yosemite Park... until I read what my friend wrote on the back:

...the falls there were absolutely gorgeous :)

I really love the sense of humour of the USA National Parks. They made these hilarious postcards featuring one star reviews posted on social media...

I've seen better
Yellowstone National Park

Just something to look at and leave / Crater Lake National Park
I've seen bigger mountains / Mount Rainier National Park

No cell service & terrible wifi
Isle Royale National Park


  1. I've heard about these cards. I think it was a great idea to just go with it!

  2. This serie is totally new to me, and I love the sense of humour, too! (or do they mean it? :-) )
    The words of your friend provide comfort, at least :-)

    1. I really like the series. Often, comments online are just rubbish, but they showed great sense of humour here.

      I'm thinking of making postcards of my street, with all the silly comments the tourists drop...

  3. These are hilarious! I love them! :D


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