12 October 2022

Monsters Go

Monsters Go is an Instagram account is a weekly art challenge that proposes to re-draw a monster, taking a kid drawing as a prompt. 

It exists since 2016, but I did not know until I got this letter by Heleen (the Netherlands), inspired by Dylan's monster. Of course, any monster can become a mail monster...

You have below the original drawing, and you can see all the re-drawings by clicking on the hashtag.


My reply to Heleen was sent inside this envelope featuring another mail monster, inspired by the drawing below.
Just let me know if you with your next letter to be accompanied by a mail monster!


  1. I always thought you were the very first to discover the Mail Monsters! So thanks to you Monsters Go learns about mail mosnters, too!

    Thank you for your great version of the orange, green-feeted/handed Mail Monster! Now that I see it online, suddenly I notice how much it matches with the orange in the stamp! While when I had your mail in hands I must have been too much distracted (frightened?) by the many-eyed mnoster :-)

    1. (my fingers were distracted too, so that I mis-spelled 'monsters' even twice! :-) )

    2. That's because The Grammar Mosnters! ;)


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