06 October 2022

People Reading on Postcards

Fernbuchbediening, by Beck

Uitbuiken is composed of uit and buiken, which respectively translates to 'out' and 'bellies'. There is no English word for it. It is what you do after a heavy meal. You will stretch your legs and lean backwards to provide your stomach with the necessary space.

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK) and Heleen (the Netherlands).


  1. Happy to see the 'reading' (including uitbuiken) cards arrived well!
    And thank you so very much for your music card (with music and tree stamp), which arrived already on 4 October!

    1. Yes, the postcards arrived and I love them :)
      And... did you get my monster as well?

    2. Ooh, how could I forget to say? It have been too busy weeks/months. Your mail monster already arrived on the 1st of September! And made me literally smile from over ear to over ear!

    3. Thank you so much!!!


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