16 October 2022

Sunday Stamps | Kaleidoscope

The sheet Kaleidoscope was released by PostNL on 14 September 2020. The designer is Hansje van Halem, winner of the Dutch Design Award for Communication in 2018.

You can read more about these design here:
This issue is part of a series in which PostNL gives winners of prestigious design competitions a free assignment to design stamps. They may allow themselves to be guided by their own interests, by what fascinates and affects them.

I couldn't find brighter stamps for this Sunday theme in Sunday Stamps: Bright Colours.

Look at the full sheet (picture taken from here):


  1. Wow I love that sheet. Great idea to let the designer choose a theme and get something different than that chosen by a committee.

    1. Every year, the stamps are very original!

  2. I keep expecting the image to move... this is best seen as a sheet.


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