21 May 2018

Bright Stamps!

I received this nicely stamped (and postmarked) envelope from Heleen (the Netherlands). Then, I remembered that I have already received part of this set of stamps, issued in 2003:

Its title is Kind en Kultuur ('Child and Culture'). I found on the Internet a picture of the complete set. How cheerful is it?


  1. Nice to see them again, and thank you for posting: I forgot which parts I already had sent to you so now I know which is the missing part to send to you :-)

  2. Hi Eva, This is most interesting. I was looking at the complete set and curious about the details when I realized I should click on the image to get the larger view. Wow, what a cool image the stamps present. It is just wonderful the way the artist combined the child and culture concept. Excellent post, thank you for sharing. Thanks also for your kind words on my blog. Hope all is well with you. Have a good week ahead and take care. John

    1. I think that I see better most details of the stamps on the computer that in peson!

      Thanks for visiting!


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