18 May 2018

Moroccan Men

On this postcard, two men are dressed in one of the traditional costumes you usually see in the north of Morocco, mostly in the mountains, but also in the city I live in (especially in festive days). The postcard shows the touristy city of Chefchaouen, not far away from my home.

I think this is only the third postcard from Morocco I have ever got by post.

This one came from an exhibition in Spain. It is a painting by Catalan artist Marià Fortuny (1838-1874). He travelled to Morocco and some of his works are inspired in this country, like this one from 1869: Un marroquí ('A Moroccan man').

Postcards sent by Mercé and Bruno (Morocco & PC). 

I added the post to Maria's link Postcards for the Weekend, that is dedicated this week to Costumes.


  1. Amazing painting!

    (and didn't know in Catalan Marià is a man's name. Guess what: in Dutch José is a woman's name, be it is pronounced differently, [yô-sey]).

    1. "Marià" -with stress on the last syllable- would be the equivalent to 'Mariano' in Spanish.

      Fortuny's paintings, in person, are really amazing. He used Morocco as inspiration (sometimes, because he worked for the Government; at that time, the North of Morocco was under the Spanish rule).

      I guess this is one of his more impressing paintings... 10 m long!

  2. That first postcard is making me super curious how the costumes look like in front view.

    Thanks for sharing these postcards Eva and thank you very much for the postcard from Belgium. I've never been there!

    1. Well, actually the front isn't very different from the back. These are the costumes they wear in the mountains, mostly made of wool. The ones they wear for celebrations, like weddings, are more elegant, sometimes embroidered, white or pale yellow for men (usually). For women, they are colourful and more ornamented.

      I'm glad the postcard arrived! :D


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