11 May 2018

Fruits from the Ancient World

Two nice additions to my Ancient Rome and the Greece albums:

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). This is a detail of the famous Dionysos mosaic (c.AD 220-230), that she had the chance to see in the Römisch-Germanisches Museum of Cologne (Germany).

Postcard sent by Gian Luca (Italy), with a quotation of the Ancient Greek poet Pindar (Πίνδαρος, c. 522 – c. 443 BC). Two translations that I found (although they don't mention the fruits on the picture):
Do not yearn, O my soul, for immortal life! Use to the utmost the skill that is yours.
Seek not, my soul, immortal life, but make the most of the resources that are within your reach.
This week theme in Maria's link Postcards for the Weekend is handicraft / artwork. I think that the first postcard fits in. 


  1. The second fits, too, if you take the theme as the handicraft of nature :)

    1. But if I consider that, I can include almost any postcard! (Well... why not?)

  2. Replies
    1. :D
      I think it is an original postcard to send. I was happy to get it!

  3. I have always been fascinated by old world handicraft. It's amazing how much precision and accuracy they're able to do back then given the lack of technology as compared to what we have nowadays. Thank you for sharing these postcards.

    1. Mosaics always catch my attention when I visit an old building. And in Morocco mosaics are really special!


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