14 May 2018

HitM | 3D Home

Inside this recycled paper bag, Micu (Hungary) sent a quite original three-dimensional house for the project Houses in the Mail. I don't know how to take nice pictures of this dream house, made of new and repurposed materials. So I will show you how it look closed...

And how to open it...

And the whole house (If I mount it, there is a room I can't see!)

And now, if you feel curious... Come inside!

Living room / Bedroom / Kitchen
The room for animals (not all on the picture!)
The creative room (for letter writing, mail art...) 
The fun zone
(Have you noticed the basketball court?!?)
The relax room (for drinking tea, meditation...)
The teleportation room
(for easily going to visit friends)
It is difficult to choose a favourite room in this house. Which one would be yours?


  1. Oooh, such a beautiful house!!!
    And I love all rooms, fortunately I am not forced to choose :-)

    1. That would be difficult to achieve in real life. Especially the basket court ;-)
      But it inspires me!

    2. :-)

      While doing the dishes I was thinking that the teleportation room would be very handy, to chat with faraway friends - who would come closeby then - while doing my tasks :-)

  2. WOW! I love them all but I'd really like to have a teleportation room.

    1. I guess that room is the winner in this wonderful house :D


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