03 July 2018

Postbox Game

This is a game invented (or re-invented) by Michael (aka gibsonms in the Postcrossing world). It was published long ago in the Postcrossing blog.  I thought it could be useful now that the summer trips start in half of the world, in order to entertain the children (or the adults!).

Here are the rules:
  • It’s simple, really: when you see a postbox, say “postbox!” and add a point to your total.
  • If you see someone posting something on that postbox, wow, how lucky is that! Two points for you!
  • If someone calls a postbox but it turns out that there isn’t one there, then that person loses a point…
  • And if you see the postman clearing the postbox, well… you win for that journey!
Of course, variations can be added. Let me know if you play it :)

Thanks Michael and Postcrossing!


  1. Great game!

    And it seems that I've won twice in the past weeks! When walking my mail to the mailbox one minute before the usual pick-up time, I saw the mailman starting to clear the mailbox (both times he kindly waited and first let me drop my mail into the mailbox).
    Alas both times I walked alone so no person to win from :-)

    1. When we visited Anvers, DH and I decided to play. But nobody can beat me regarding to find mailboxes and post offices! :D


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