24 July 2018

Repurposing: Free Postcards

I picked up these free postcards in a restaurant in Barcelona. I think they weren't intended to be sent, but to inform people about Vietnamese food (Which was delicious, by the way!). But they looked a beautiful artwork to me. And they even included a recipe on the back! 

So I took two and sent them to Bryon (the USA) and Heleen (the Netherlands).

Do you like to get free or repurposed postcards?


  1. You know I am always on the lookout for free postcards to send. And of course happy to receive them, too.

  2. I love them! The ones authors and illustrators use to promote their books are creative and fun - and cause me to want to read the books!

  3. Love your additions on your card for me :-) Thank you again very much!

  4. Especially loved this one you sent! Quite creative and it got me quite hungry too!

  5. Glad to know that the postcards arrived and you both like them. Actually, the food there was delicious!

  6. Also love them...mostly...depending on what the motif looks like...which is often better than those of bought oned

    1. Sometimes they are unique and very original, and say a lot about places!


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