15 July 2018

Women on Stamps | Villains

I guess it is not usual to dedicate stamps to bad women, or bad people in general... unless they are fictional characters.

Cruella De Vil
(One Hundred and One Dalmatians)
One year ago USPS issued a sheet of stamps showcasing 10 classic Disney villains: six women, a man, two animals and a half-man-half-beast. I received two of them.

The Queen
(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The Red Queen
(Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There)
Royal Mail has dedicated some stamps to Lewis Carroll's novels. The first one I show here was issued in 1998. The second stamp belongs to this 2015 issue. These two villains are often confused!

The Queen of Hearts
(Alice in Wonderland)


For the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards, related to one topic: women. This is the post for the letter V.

More women on stamps.


  1. It's peculiar: usually the mayority of people-on-stamps are men. Now that it comes to bad persons, the mayority are women...
    Maybe we should coynt: would it be due to Disney (would the mayority of classic Disney movies contain women as vilains) or would it be due to the USPS choice?
    In recent classic-to-be animation movies (Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks) which come into my mind, the bad one is a bad guy (Ratatouille, Up, Despicable Me, Shrek), but maybe my mind is as selective, too :-)

    1. I thought the same. I came to the conclusion that it isn't only about stamps. But, as you wrote,probably our mind is biased ;-)

  2. Interesting observations about this stamp set. At least it provided a great word for V.

  3. Haha, I just had to laugh about that observation - us, women can be real villains, esp. when it comes to men... but that's one endless topic for analysis :D
    Great topic to choose for the V letter, btw... haven't seen that Queen of Hearts before - it is beautiful!!

    1. Everyone can be a real evil! But then they don't appear on stamps ;-)

  4. I blame Disney.
    Didn't know about this series - good choice to share this week!

    1. I think they were quite popular. As every Disney product, I guess!

  5. This is a take on women on stamps that I could never have predicted. Fine stamps.

    1. It isn't very usual to see "bad people" on stamps, is it?


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