02 January 2019

A Field Trip Life

Illustrated envelope sent to Claire (the USA). Actually, she received it like three months ago, ops!

I like to draw envelopes that have a special meaning for the recipient, as well as the letters inside. If I try to make an envelope, without thinking of a specific person... nothing comes out! The envelope above is a portrait (ehem) of Claire herself, from the picture on her blog

The second envelope was inspired by the postcard of Kingsburg she had previously sent. Have you noticed this amazing giant water tower/coffee pot?!? I included the beginning of a fairy tale in the letter...


  1. These are great! Love the VW stamp.

  2. Such a beautiful envelopes, great, Eva!

    And how nice that you help her to write by starting the first part of the fairy-tale! It wouldn't surprise me if you'll finally write the rest of the fairy-tale, too (so if Claire also continues your beginning, there finally are two faire-tales about the giant coffee pot :-) )

    Love all stamps, too, and I've never seen the Marquez stamp before. I had 100 años in Spanish, bought in Central-America, but sadly I already gave it away (unread, alas too difficult/time-consuming for me to read in Spanish..). It would have been great if I could have send it to her and the book could have been returned to it's origin so the circle would have been round..)

    1. (a story about a bought-book, traveling-to-a-country-of-which-the-book-couldn't-understand-the-language, given-away, found-back, travel-back, brought-to-a-nice-person-in-its-country-of-origin, happy-reunion-of-book-and-its-native-land-and-language might be an other fairy-tale??)

    2. The name of the place she lives in, and the giant coffee pot (you would love it, wouldn't you?) are very inspiring. I never finished the tale, but I hope I will.

      Almost anything can do a nice fairy tale. Certainly, yor story would do! :D


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