14 January 2019

Boldly Go...

The stamps I showed yesterday are not the only ones I have received related to the space. Lilli (Canada) sent me this letter in November. It is a pity that the picture cannot show how wonderful the envelope is, and also the stamps. Especially, the lenticular one (Star Trek again!).

The same month, David (the USA) sent me his Inspired by Stars letter. What a wonderful gift! You can see here most of the contents (and the rest of the Posted Letter projects, of course!).

I like a lot the slogan on the back: Boldly go where no one has gone before. That is what I say to all my departing letters...


  1. Wonderful envelopes. The lenticular one is certainly hard to capture in one image. I bet my scanner would come up with something bizarre as the light moves from one side to the other.

    Such a clever touch to have a little helmet to the Posted bird icon.

    1. I have no scanner right now, so I take pictures. But even with the camera is quite difficult!

      I love the Posted bird, and with the helmet is just perfect!

  2. I totally agree, wonderful envelope, stamps and helmeted Mail Pigeon!


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