21 January 2019

Temples on Postcards

Canterbury Cathedral floodlit from the King's School
Painting by John Doyle

The Canterbury War-Horse, 2018
Canterbury Cathedral
England, the UK

Burgos Cathedral

Bath Abbey
England, the UK
(a former cathedral, actually)

The Round Church, Cambridge

Postcards sent by Laura (Spain & the UK)

Ruranwelisay Stupa, Sri Lanka

The Ruwanwelisaya is a stupa, a hemispherical structure containing relics, considered sacred to many Buddhists all over the world.[1] It was built by King Dutugemunu c. 140 B.C.

Postcard sent by Ravindra (Sri Lanka).

The Sainte-Chapelle ('Holy Chapel') in Paris (France). Stained-glass windows from the 13th century. On the second postcard, Saint Louis holds the maquette of the Chapel.

Postcards sent by Fabienne (France).

St. Peter's Dome (Roma, Italy)
(This postcard arrived from Belarus, though.)


  1. That Sri Lankan stupa looks stunning. Fascinating variety of places of worship.


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