26 January 2019

HitM | Kampong Fragrance

Illustrator: Lee Kow Fong

In Singapore, a kampong is a traditional village. In the past, there were many of these in Singapore, but development and urbanization have replaced them. Nowadays, there are few kampong villages remaining, mostly on islands surrounding Singapore. The sender said that this postcard makes her think of her home town.

I think that it matches with the stamps (received on the back of this and a previous postcard). I just love the series showing the day life in Singapore. I imagine that life in the city is very different from the life in the kampong...

By the way... can you see two different postmarks on the back of the postcard? 4 and 13 September. Actually, the postcard arrived on 31 October (?!). It never takes so long from Singapore!

Postcard sent by Maria (Singapore), for the Houses in the Mail project.


  1. I tend not to think of Singapore as having villages. I do like those night time activities stamps - an unusual topic.

    1. I like the idea of stamps celebrating daily life.


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