24 January 2019

HitM | Spionnetje

Another postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) for the Houses in the Mail project. I have posted postcards featuring houses in Amsterdam (here, here...). But any of them showed the detail you can see on the left, in the middle of the window frame: the spionnetje ('little spy'). It is a mirror outside the window, used since ages ago to see who is ringing the doorbell. Nowadays people use electronic devices... which are far less romantic!

The stamp, showing also the typical houses, isn't new to me. But I love this Postcrossing series!


  1. I have never seen a mirror like that before - I wonder if they are just in the Netherlands or if other countries have that?

    And of course houses on the stamp - I agree, that is a very nice series, even if I have not taken part in Postcrossing. (I do think it is a wonderful idea).

  2. J'adore le timbre ,en France il existe une sorte de miroir qui est plus destiné aux personnes qui sortent de leur domicile en voiture et dont la visibilité est réduite ,Sur la carte postale on dirait plutôt un vieux rétroviseur

    1. Oui, aussi en Espagne. Mais non comme ceux sur la photo.


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