29 January 2019

Bridges on Postcards

West Gate Gardens
Canterbury, the UK
Sent by Laura

Pulteney Bridge
Bath, the UK
Sent by Laura
Pulteney Bridge built in 1770, is one of the three in the world lined by shops on both sides. Sir Willima Pulteney, late Earl of Bath, commisioned Rober Adam to design it.

La Conciergerie
París, France
Sent by Fabienne

Medieval bridge of Besalú
Sent by Imma

King Mindaugas' Bridge
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sent by Edita

Old Bridge
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sent by Danijel

Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow
Sent by Kate


  1. The only one I *might* have been near is the one by La Conciergerie. So many amazing structures showcased in your collection.

    1. I add the label places I've been to to some posts. But, obviously, it doesn't mean I've been to ALL the places I show. In this case, it's more or less the 40%: I've crossed the bridges of Canterbury, Besalú and the Parisian one. I don't think I'm going to Moscow or Mostar soon...

  2. Indeed amazing constructions. All with 'bows' (curves), but each of them unique. Love these connecting creatures!

    1. I love a lot the expression connecting creatures. It reminds me of the Mail Monsters.


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