04 August 2019

Women on Stamps | X for Incognito

Wonder Women had already appeared on this blog, but I think it is the first time for Elektra and Spider-Woman.

They were among the ten Marvel characters on a set of Marvel Comics Super Heroes commemorative postage stamps that were issued by USPS in 2007.

Captain Marvel is one of the two (super)women among the Marvel superheroes set issued by Royal Mail in March.

The stamp arrived, along with two more. on this fab envelope send by John (the UK), made of the stamps catalogue.

Back of the envelope


For the current round of Sunday Stamps A-Z I am showing stamps dedicated to women. You can see here all the Women on Stamps featured on this blog.

Go to Sunday Stamps to enjoy more X-stamps.


  1. The UK stamps get extra points for the comic typeface :)

    1. I think some collectors don't like this issue. Really, it's nothing very related to the UK... But I find the stamps fun, and they look wonderful on the letters!

    2. Sure a beautiful serie!
      And while I am not really into marvel things, as a comics-stamp-collector these stamps perfectly fit in my collection, mainly due to the design and typography :-)
      (not that I have a large collection, neither am I collecting thoroughly, but cartoon/comics stamps are one of the few themes I keep in my (not really thick) stamp album :-) )

    3. I'm neither into Marvel comics. I don't think I've never read one, nor I've seen the films. But the characters are more or less familiar to me, like to everyone. I love any stamp dedicated to comics, and John did a great job on this envelope :)

      I'd like to se your little collection one day!

  2. I hadn't seen this series before. Very appropriate choice.

  3. A great choice for X - glad that I could contribute. I also think the UK super hero set is striking.

    1. Actually, you contribute a lot to this blog :)


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