14 April 2024

Sunday Stamps | Is Bamboo a Tree?

A Canadian stamp from 1994 featuring a Shagbark Hickory / Caryer ovale (Carya ovata)

Two stamps from China (2013 & 2014) and one from Japan (2012), showing bamboo plants:

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. The topic today is Trees, Leaves.


  1. Oh yeah...I see the bamboo😀. All beautiful stamps!!!

    1. I have recently received the second one, and it remind ed me of the rest of bamboos :)

  2. Without looking, I think I remember bamboo being a type of grass, however it definitely has leaves :) Both Chinese stamps are beautiful, nice mini-collection today.

  3. Bamboo may technically be a grass, but the wood makes great flooring. And the pandas really like the leaves. So, good enough to be a tree for me :)

  4. Well, it has leaves anyway! And it can be used for furniture, so why not call it a tree? It gets big enough. I fight with it in my yard all the time.


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